Wear A Mask

Any and all persons visiting or meeting with TRU North Restoration Staff are please asked to wear a mask to prevent the possible spread of


Wash or Sanitize Often

Hand sanitizer's are kept on hand by all our staff when in the field, and pumps are availible around our office for hand sanitization to reduce possible transmission of COVID-19 from Internal or External sources.

Health Monitoring

If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 please refrain from meeting in person, as Tele-communication methods are available.

If you are experiencing symptoms but need to have something dropped off, we ask that the use of a third-party who can perform the delivery on your behalf be used to reduce possible spreading or transmission of COVID-19

Stay 6-Feet Away From Other's

To reduce potential contact spreading of COVID-19 we ask that during all in person meetings, a safe distance is maintained by all parties.


To reduce the possible spread of COVID-19 our office staff sanitize all surfaces after each meeting, and sanitize all door handles daily.