Property Maintenance

TRU North Restoration has been repairing and maintaining all types of buildings, including commercial, residential and industrial. We can confidently repair any issue you may have with your building. From exterior repairs like stucco, siding, and roofing, to interior repairs like door replacement, casing and baseboard repairs, and much much more.

We have highly trained staff who are available in teams around the clock 24/7. These team members consist of Water Restoration Technicians, Carpenters, Exterior Specialists, and a number of supporting staff.


Our Fleet

Our Fleet of vehicles is vast, with multiple dump trucks, bin delivery trucks, vans, and pickup trucks to ensure we have the exact match of equipment and people. By supplying our own dump service we can eliminate any and all scheduling issues that may arise.

Training & Career Development

With a key focus on training and career development, you can be assured that all of our jobs are completed to a top level of quality and attention to detail. From complete demolitions and tear outs, to drywall repairs and textured ceiling patches, there is no job too big or too small for TRU North Restoration

24/7 Response

TRU North Restoration prides itself on extremely fast response time, quick action and a vast knowledge of all construction aspects. We have teams available 24/7 for damages including break-ins, window damage and more. When tenant and property safety is paramount, we move quickly to ensure your building is secure, and no one is injured.